Frutas jofesa, s.l, is a local young company based in Ourense.it has extensive experience in the food sector dedicated to the commercialization and wholesale of fresh fruits and vegetables.


The business began as a wholesaler in a Valenza, Ourense, where over the course of time it has been expanding its infrastructure to position itself as a leader in its sector, achieving expanding its business network throughout Galicia.


Since its establishment it has maintained a constant line of growth thanks to its entrepreneurial dedication, hard daily work and together with the company philosophy based on offering high quality products and meticulous customer service.


Its facilities are fully air-conditioned, equipped with advanced equipment and technologies that keep the best state of preservation of all goods received.


Frutas jofesa, s.l., works every day with the aim of offering their customers a careful and personalized service providing effective solutions to needs of each client. It also offers a variety of fresh produce with all the guarantees of quality and food safety at your disposal. Thus ensuring the quality of its products throughout the supply chain.


Some of Jofesa´s customers nowadays are large hotel chains, supermarkets, catering companies, greengrocers, nursing homes, state government agencies, schools, shops and other distributors.